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Customer SatisfactionCustomer Satisfaction

"I had the pleasure of working with SRC on my last project, a 400,000-sq. ft. class "A" office complex nestled on a 7.3-acre site. The site is located adjacent to a group of railroad tracks and a large wooded area. Consequently we had numerous break-ins as well as site damage / vandalism. SRC was contracted to perform night watch. I was extremely impressed by the level of professionalism of each guard. At times I felt our site was being monitored by a government agency. As a result of SRC monitoring our project, the vandalism ceased and we did not experience any further burglary. I intend to use SRC on every project requiring security."
-Jackson Buck, Superintendent, W.G. Clark Construction Company, Campus @ Kirkland Project, Kirkland, WA

“I worked with SRC during a two-year School renovation project. The project was a 100-year-old school building that was a masonry and wood structure, and the main concern other than vandalism and theft was fire. SRC did an outstanding job assisting us with that concern. SRC did Fire Watch service with the security services and helped us ensure that the historic landmark was preserved and renovated back to its original grandeur.” -Dave Killian, Senior Superintendent, Skanska USA Inc., Stadium High School Project, Tacoma, WA

"SRC is very accommodating to our needs. If we need to switch up the schedule we can usually do it with no problems. We have had zero incidents since SRC has been patrolling our centers. They are very good with checking on who is coming into our centers and their business there. I would recommend their service to anyone and will continue to use them on my properties." -Cathy Nilsen, Property Manager, Buchan Brothers Investment Properties, Kirkland, WA

"I have had the opportunity to use SRC on two jobsites. They supplied daily activity logs and kept us informed at all times of any discrepancies on the site. They are easy to work with and are very conscientious about the task at hand. I would not hesitate to call them for any job." -Carol Saari, Senior Field Administrator, Skanska USA Inc., Seattle, WA

"Professional, supportive, qualified, well skilled, highly trained. Quickly became an integral component in the every day running of our business. Friendly to staff and students (families!)." -Jodi Rea, School Supervisor, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Seattle, WA

"SRC has been providing security for us in 3 Safety Rest Areas located along I-5 in Snohomish County for a number of years now. During the times their officers have been on patrol, the number of public complaints and inappropriate activities has been significantly lower. Their presence has been a great deterrent. Their officers have shown diligence and professionalism in their walkarounds and have been very helpful to the traveling public and the free coffee servers. Their monthly reports have been timely and accurate. I would not hesitate to recommend their services." -Jim Lowell, Maintenance Supervisor, Washington State Department of Transportation, Everett, WA

"(SRC’s) willingness to respond to the city’s needs in a timely manner and provide expertise and assets exemplifies the best in corporate citizenry….Thank you again for your invaluable assistance." -Grant Denninger, Mayor, City of Bellevue, WA

"We hired SRC Security for a temporary time frame, to help with vandalism and car prowls. In two months’ time, they were able to help clean up any problems we had…Thanks for the help!" -Louise Dickins, Site Manager, Salish Village Condominiums, Kirkland, WA

"(SRC) not only provided the necessary service in securing the hotel rooms, but were also extremely helpful and gracious to our attendees…I have been planning meetings for the DoD for the past 16 years. Your company was the most professional and well managed guard service I have used. I would be happy to recommend SRC to anyone." -Dorothy L. Becker, Meeting Administrator, Johns Hopkins University/Chemical Propulsion Information Agency