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Safety ProgramAbout SRCSafety Program

SRC Private Security is committed to officer safety. SRC is the only security guard service on the Evergreen Safety Council. Using ESCís resources, in conjunction with the training and experience of our own staff, we strive to ensure the officers are aware of the various safety hazards and concerns at each site. SRC developed its safety manual in cooperation with the NFIB and the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. Our company safety officer conducts regular safety audits of all sites. SRC provides officers with appropriate safety supplies including hard hats, protective eyewear and reflective vests. We continue to instruct our officers through relevant safety training modules.

SRC Fireguard℠

Office Building Security

SRC Private Security is proud to provide the SRC Fireguard℠ certification process to our officers. Using course material supplied by the City of New York Fire Protection District and the City of Seattle Fire Marshall, the Fireguard certification process is a comprehensive program designed to ensure our officers prepare for and are able to react and respond accordingly in a fire emergency. The program teaches officers about fire watch procedures, fire suppression and alarm systems and response to fire emergencies. After completing the requisite reading, the officers must pass a final exam before becoming certified.


Officer Accountability is maintained through regular welfare checks by phone and in-person. Quality Assurance checks are performed by management. Field supervisors and management conduct daily random site officer inspections.