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SRC is committed to providing a solution for your specific security needs. We work with you to develop a custom Security Post Orders and then deliver the right team to carry it out. We approach each job as a team, supporting our field personnel with all the training, tools and back-up necessary to carry out the assignment. You can count on SRC to be professional and courteous, to communicate clearly and be ready to respond to incidents according to post orders.

"The first time I met Marine Lance Corporal Darek Andrzejowiec, or “Andre”, I was sitting under the shade of the camouflage netting in Iraq. It was early July and it was so hot that we could have cooked eggs on our trucks or on the pavement. I was a Naval Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class with “Log Pack 1”. “Andre” was on his 3rd deployment, and was with the other half of our platoon, “Log Pack 2”. As Andre and I talked, we found out that we both were both from the Seattle area. Long story short, I got off active service and moved to Everett the next month.

About a year and a half later I met Steve Crecelius at an event. He told me a little bit about his company, SRC Private Security, and it sounded like something worth keeping in mind. A few months had passed when I contacted Steve and set up an interview with his Operations Manager, Tyler Onorato. After going through Security Officer Training , I sat down with Tyler to get an orientation of the website, schedules etc. when Tyler pointed out the other officers that are prior service. He points to the name at the top of the list and says, “Hey, Darek was a Marine. I think he was stationed in 29 Palms like you were.” I look at the name and think to myself, “there can’t be more than one former Marine named Darek Andrzejowiec who is now in Seattle.” We laugh at the odds of him having hired both Darek and I in a two week span. SRC was about to begin service at Cornish College of the Arts, and Tyler thought that Darek and I would make a good team. It sure was odd showing up the first day and seeing the guy that I had met under Camo netting and last saw on the other side of the globe. It’s a small world."
-Mike Waring