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Providing qualified, trained officers has always been SRC Private Security’s first priority. Over 90% of our officers have previous security, law enforcement or military experience.

Our Selection and Hiring Process

SRC employs a comprehensive pre-employment screening process. After reviewing the submitted on-line employment questionnaire, the applicant is interviewed. If the candidate seems to be a good fit, SRC conducts reference checks and verifies his or her previous employment history. Next, the candidate must pass a credit and criminal background check and an illicit drug test. SRC conducts a DMV check for anybody that may be asked to drive a company vehicle.

SRC Officer

All pre-assignment training is conducted in-house by or at the direction of one of our Washington State Certified Trainers. The training consists of two phases. The classroom phase includes a comprehensive review of SRC’s policy manual and handbook, as well as a lecture and/or video approved by the Washington State Department of Licensing. The trainee must achieve a passing score on the Washington State Private Security Guards Pre-assignment exam before moving on to field training. After all of the training is completed, the new hire will be licensed and assigned based on background and prior training.

Continuous Training

SRC trains and tests all officers with regular modules covering a wide range of security and safety related issues. Officers are encouraged and often required to take CPR, first aid and other courses. Officers receive pepper spray training and many train or have received training in other forms of self-defense.